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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Random things I've learned...

I've learned that it is indeed true....I am not a very good driver.

I have learned that I am a much more authentic and empathic and reasonable human being now that I am no longer:
*affiliated with an organized religion
*incessantly worried about what others think
*in a dating relationship (for now)
*surrounded by "stuff"
*aligned with most things Republican

I have learned that there are genuinely mean people out there, but there are also genuinely good people as well, and some are not always as they first appear...on both pendulums.

I've learned (over and over) that words hurt.

I've learned that guns do kill people.

I've learned that I usually prefer the company of books and animals over people.

I've learned that sugar is an intensely addictive substance.

I have come to know that I will never be tempted, even in the slightest, to eat animal flesh ever again.

I have learned that yoga and running are as necessary for my existence as water.

I have learned that without a doubt, there are things worse than death.

I have learned that there is nothing NOTHING greater than the love for a child.